Rammstein - From 1990 to 2020

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Rammstein, the German Industrial Metal band known for their eerie sound, over the top live performances and their motto "Other bands play, Rammstein burns!"; got their name from a plane crash that happened in 1988 and called themselves Rammstein-Flugschau (which roughly translates to 'Rammstein Air Show').

The band was formed by:

•Till Lindemann (Vocals)

•Richard Sven "Scholle" Kruspe (Solo Guitar)

•Paul H. Landers (Rhythm Guitar)

•Oliver "Ollie" Riedel (Bass Guitar)

•Cristoph "Room" Schneider (Drums)

•Dr. Christian "Flake" Lorenz (Keyboard)

Rammstein was first formed by Richard Kruspe and his friend Christoph Schneider

before Oliver Riedel and Till Lindeman joined them later on.

Rammstein impressed producers and alike with their first release of 5 demos before even releasing any songs and went on to release their first album titled "HERZELEID" with Swedish producers in 1994.

The group was later bombarded by claims of Nazi symbolism in their album covers but kept going full-speed after denying said claims, went on tour during 1995 and 1996 and got incredible feedback from said tours.

After starting to grow in Germany, the band started to go worldwide following their attendance of "MTV:Hanging Out" in London and the "Polygram World Congress" in Hong Kong.

Motivated by their sudden growth, the band started working on their next album in 1996 and finished it during that same year releasing it in 1997 and getting great feedback. After which they released their single "Engel" during the spring of 1997.

The album (Sehnsucht) got high praise and made it to the top of many top tracks lists throughout the world.

Rammstein has released 16 albums to this day and here is a list:

•Herzeleid (1995)

•Sehnsucht (1997)

•Live aus Berlin (1999)

•Mutter (2001)

•Reise Reuse (2004)

•Rosenrot (2005)

•Völkerball (2006)

•Liebe is für Alle da (2009)

•Rammstein: Made in Germany 1995-2011 (2011)

•Raritaten (1994-2012)

•XXI (2015)

•XXI Klavier (2015)

•Rammstein in Amerika (2015)

•Rammstein (2019)

Sources: https://rammsteinsever.tr.gg/RammsteiN-Tarih%26%23304%3B.htm



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