Trap - Metal Bullsh*t

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

A music genre with instruments (Metal) and a hip-hop genre without any instrument (Trap) can't be together in my opinion. Metal is a whole different thing and it doesn't have anything in common with Trap. Metal is not a simple music genre and you usually need a whole band to be succesful in the metal community. What about trap? A simple digital beat, a lyrics with rhymes but no meaning. Metal is metal itself, we don't need a hip-hop genre to be with metal music.

Example lyrics: Ghostemane-Mercury

Ask me if I give a fuck about a clique, ay

Ask me if I give a fuck about a diss, yuh

Ask me if I give a fuck about fame, hey

Recently I just don't give a fuck about a thing, yuh

This is a part of the lyrics of a popular trap-metal song. It has no meaning right? Same sentences with a different last word. This takes no effort. I could write a lyrics like this in 15 minutes.
You can't put the word "Metal" in a genre like this. Just because that you try making brutal vocals with these lyrics it doesn't mean you are making metal music. Don't use metal's name for these bullshits.
Metal doesn't deserve that

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