VALEFOR One Man Turkish DSBM(Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) Band

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Valefor was formed in 2008 by Sargathus in Izmir Turkey. Band is one man band. All the instruments played by Sargathus and still his music has been better than some bands.

Valefor's music gives you darkness loneliness and fear of death. This project in musical perspective has a depressive style because of depressive suicidal black metal genre. Recording are amateur but not bad. Gitars riffs and drums are classic dsbm riffs and drums. Vocals are scream. Songs have very nice atmosphere.

Valefor has 2 full-lenght album 2 split album, 2 demo album and 2 music videos.

Valefor Discography:

Screams of Suicide - 2010

Passages from the Dark Side(Split Album) - 2010

After The Sad Hours(Demo) - 2011

The Wound That Never Heals(Split Album) - 2011

Manifest of Humanity Decay(Demo) - 2012

Hidden in the Arms of Death - 2012


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